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Hopeless in Seattle: A Foster Kid's Manifesto is an explosive coming-of-age story. Available now in paperback or eBook.

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About Daniel

Daniel experienced the foster care to prison pipleline firsthand.

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About the book

Hopeless In Seattle: A Foster Kid's Manifesto

Cover of 'Hopeless in Seattle: A Foster Kid's Manifesto'

In this explosive coming of age true story, the reader uncovers the foster care to prison pipeline firsthand. The story follows Daniel as he is abandoned, placed in a foster home, group home and is viciously abused therein. Unable to endure the pain, Daniel repeatedly runs away, living on the streets of Seattle, sleeping in newspaper bins, stolen cars and wherever else he can lay his head. Before long, Daniel is stealing to survive which leads him through the juvenile system, criminalization, and institutionalization. The reader is along for a ride they will not soon forget.

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Daniel's Journey

Hello World! It is nice to meet u! After spending practically his entire life ensnared in State Custody Daniel finds it exhilarating to reach out to those in the free world! It is hard, if not impossible, due to incarceration, to share the engrossing stories that are trapped within Daniel's head. But thanks to new innovations and kindhearted souls Daniel is able to speak through the prison walls to reach your eyes and ears.

Daniel Simms posing for a photo with a cute cat As everyone must know, life is a journey, at times an arduous one, so occasionally we must take risks and opportunities to ensure our full potential is realized. That is what Daniel is attempting. Even though Daniel has suffered the hardships and deprivations of State Custody practically his entire life he has still retained his imagination, hope, and purpose. Daniel does not believe that prison defines him, nor anyone else ensnared in the mass incarceration system, and to realize Daniel's lifes potential he must put himself out there. To humble himself and share his pain and suffering with the world so that change can occur. Daniel did not initially intend to share the deep secrets he harbored from childhood but after enduring the failed experiment known as mass incarceration for decades he believed it was time to address the stain on America first hand: mass incarceration of juveniles and adults is an exploitative and oppressive system that perpetuates crime and creates new victims. It has to be reimagined. Turning all prisons into treatments, schools, and career centers is the only answer. Yet the prison administrators and prison profiteers refuse to admit the fundamental truth that mass incarceration has failed. Until they do, and true change occurs, we have to share our stories and expose how these corrupt systems ensnare our fellow American citizens.

In "Hopeless in Seattle: A Fosterkid's Manifesto" the reader will find that the fosterhome-to-prison pipeline is alive and well and quite effective. By design foster kids are neglected, abused, and relegated to the bottom of society, when they run away from the abuse or neglect and commit crimes to survive, they are quickly classified as criminals with no hope of treatment, schooling, or careers within the failed juvenile and adult mass incarceration system. Then when they are released they are worse than when they went in. To be sure, foster children are not the only victims of this system, minorities, individuals with mental health disorders, and poor people are piped in as well, but for purposes of this book fosterkids are the most addressed.

In addition to "Hopeless in Seattle: A Fosterkid's Manifesto," Daniel has written two other books that encompass Daniel's musings such as, "The Art of Living: Everything You Need to Know for Life and Business I Learned in Prison," and "EXPOSED: The Communist Manifesto and the Origins of a Species, Dark Secrets Finally Revealed." Currently Daniel is working on the forthcoming book "The Essential Manual to Reimagining DOC: Turning All Prisons Into Treatment and Career Centers."

Daniel Simms posing for a photo In concert with the above, Daniel's immediate effort is to gain wide public support to be released back into society through clemency and/or resentencing as Daniel is fully rehabilitated and ready to begin his life. To achieve that end, Daniel has a website, RailroadedinSeattle.com, which aims to garner understanding of Daniel's particular circumstances, while also highlighting the vast inequities inherent in mass incarceration. Please sign up for Daniel's blogs/e-newsletters and contact Daniel directly at jpay.com.

Upon release, Daniel plans on embarking on a vigorous advocacy battle against the entrenched mass incarceration system and big prison profiteers that are exploiting and oppressing American citizens. Daniel plans to be a force for good, justice, and equity by participating in popular debates on public forums such as, social media, blogs, podcasts, and if possible speaking on legislation that may reform prisons.

Daniel understands and recognizes the virtual impossibility of getting these books into peoples' hands from within the prison walls. Especially since Daniel does not have the funds to market and advertise the books effectively. Therefore Daniel humbly asks for your help! Can you please share in this journey by imploring your family and friends to get the books? It is incumbent upon readers such as you to ensure these stories do not go unread. Which they most definitely will, unless readers take ownership of promoting, advertising, and marketing them. Can you please be one of those people? Please take a moment and send Daniel a personal email detailing your marketting, advertising, and promotional efforts at: jpay.com Or you can write him a regular letter at: Daniel J. Simms #795743, Airway Heights Correctional Center, P.O. Box 2049, Airway Heights, WA, 99001-2049. Daniel will personally respond to every email or letter.

About the Author

David Simms

David Simms with his son, Dillon

Daniel Simms was born on October 2, 1980, at Northwest Hospital in Seattle. He is a born-again Christian who found his faith in a dark place. He has hopes and dreams that he is trying to achieve while he is incarcerated. In addition to his GED, he has also achieved his paralegal certificate. In his spare time, he likes to stay up to date with current events by reading as much as he can. He has a thirst for knowledge. He has one son, Dillon.

Contact Daniel:

Send an email through JPay

or send a letter to:
Daniel J. Simms #795743
Airway Heights Correctional Center
P.O. Box 2049
Airway Heights, WA, 99001-2049.

Daniel will personally respond to every email or letter.